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11 Pure

11 Pure

Take it out on me
I leave it up to you

The more I intervene
The more gets lost on the way
I can see myself in you can you see yourself?
Yeah, do what you can
And you will stay who you are
You unleashed a monster
Now it's coming back for you

It's given to you, life
Tomorrow will never be yesterday
Chasing the highs
Still we are alone

Make a decision
Make it quick
Cause this shit is gonna burn
That's why we watch the shit
That's why we feel the shit
That's why we want the shit
How we want the shit

Distraction and bullshit... are no longer tolerated
Disconnect me from my words but not from what i'm saying
Let others take the risk - I'd like to sit back and watch if that's ok

Straight ahead
Straight ahead
Do you want to walk through life with me, or are you just enjoying my company?

Your whole life consists of avoiding mistakes
I am a fish on the carpet
I wanna see the fish on the carpet
I won't hold on to your hand and drown

I want something
I want something
I want something pure
I want something
I want something
I want something pure

Can't we name the things as they are?
Respect ourselves for who we are?
Bleed with the hurt
Lie in the dirt
No one could ever take that away

10 Patronized


A new chapter of my selfishness
Another lie on the top of my list
I see you, but won't satisfy your needs
Every bit I will provide is only serving me
And you say
„Oh, my darling, is this all you have to give?
Or is there anything I don't understand?“

Give me something else that's broken
Something i can repair
Give me something else that's broken
I need a pain for the nature of my cure

It's my birthright
Yes, I lay it on the line!
The finger on the button... is mine
Your craving for my sympathy
Turns the seed of remorse
Into a jungle of guilt
And so, since you're the up-and-coming
Light of my life
You take what you're given – and you better be nice

I'm just a man
I am an act of God
I am your mother
I'm a child
You are a feeder
The original sin

I do not
And I never act
Like I am someone else
We... are the epitome of this universes randomness
Can't you see
We are indifferent
Whoever makes people like you, makes people like me

09 The Jackhammer

The Jackhammer

Keep a straight face, stand in line
Applause, applause
We're here
We're fine

Freedom comes in 99 flavors

What we take we waste
What we don't take
We throw away
One, two, three, four immolations
Five, six, seven dinner time

And you may think
There is nothing there
You don't see anything
'Cause you don't look at anything

It could have been the father
It should have been the son
It would have been the mother
If she had a gun, yeahhhh

On with the jackhammer!
Humanity under construction
On with the jackhammer!
Hate... manmade

Let's all go out and hang ourselves
As we become what we see
So bored, cared for and overfed

I'm sure it's for the better
I'm pretty sure it's pretty safe
And if it's not
Then nothing is
So let's leave it alone

First there were none
and then one
Then all of a sudden
there were some

Improving me, improving you
Improving faith, improving the truth

We pretend
We pretend
We cannot pretend
We don't pretend
We pretend
We pretend
We don't pretend
We cannot pretend
We cannot pretend

We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
Oh God we're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy<

It's up to you
Or the one you leave it up to
There is no consequence

Blind eye
I try to make you understand
But you're a look without a see
In the illusion of democracy
I raise my voice and disagree


  • 01 Cut Me Into Pieces Til I Fit Your Point Of View
  • 02 Dreams Your Master
  • 03 Rage & Hate My Destiny
  • 04 Wake Up Dead
  • 05 Wicked
  • 06 Black Terra

Cut Me Into Pieces Til I Fit Your Point Of View

What's the matter with those people
Can you find the missing link
Is it possible to answer
Oh – I hate a happy end

My friends tell me not to bother
But I cannot close my heart
It's not my part being careless
Oh – I wouldn´t close that door

Go ahead
Release your fears
Truth like hate is fed by tears
Whoever took your world apart
Cannot live without a heart

Can't wake up, this dream's a nightmare
Too much´s left to suffer from
No more be-strongs no more don't-minds
Oh – it's life that makes me die

Here's the moment as I told you
Full of broken promises
Doesn't matter what you explain
Oh - won't listen to what you tell

Love your enemies kill your idols
What the hell is wrong with you?
Being good means to be stupid
Oh – can't take this anymore

Rage and anger in the future
Lead me to an open sore
No more lies take part in my life

Oh – and nothing's left to say

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Dreams Your Master

You said you wanted me to smile
I put one on my face
Inside of me grows emptiness
I fell too far from grace
You wanted me to be someone
I knew I could not be
The defect is so plain to see
I just need to be me

You told me to be silent
I didn't say a word
While I'm screaming on the inside
I'm left alone and hurt
You still want me to be strong
I keep my head up high
Is it easy to be perfect?
I hide my wish to die

If you can bear the truth you've spoken
If you can dream –
and not make dreams your master
If you can keep your head
When all about you are losing theirs
and blaming it on you

You expect me to stay with you
I reached out for your hand
The misery seems obvious
Cause I decide I can't
You wanted me to tell the truth
And I became a fake
Believe me when I say to you
It's just as hard to take

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Rage & Hate My Destiny

Inside my heart – waking up
Upcoming dreams - linger on
Breathtaking thoughts – cannot let go
Cutting a nerve – washes away
A closet of pain – leaving alone
Poem of hate – opening out

Won´t you stop me bleeding?
Can't I help myself?
Can't I help myself
- I need a place to rest and hide
Won't you stop me bleeding?
Can't I help myself?
Can't I help myself
- my deepest fear's alone inside

Where am I and who is me?
Where's the fuckin' place I need to be?
When did I lose my dignity?
Rage and hate my destiny.

Poem of hate – opening out
Turning my head – messing up
Mastery waste – moves on
Multiple choice – coming along
Decision's lost – pulling me down
Inside my heart – no waking up

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Wake Up Dead

What about this cold earth around you
Covers your face your body your soul
What ever there was there's nothing left to do
Darkness is keeping you down in this hole
Suddenly your skin becomes wet
Freaky shivers run down your neck

Nothing to see (can't see you)
Nothing to hear (can't hear you)
Nothing to feel (can't feel)

Wake up dead
Wake up dead

Latest thing that you can remember
Runs through your mind your bones and your veins
Now fading away [...]
The reaper is coming to put you in chains
Reality is turning it's back
Memories are covered in black

"Meet and greet" in purgatory
Made of doubts of thoughts of regret
A highway to hell – or a blaze of glory
Fighting the fight of your life in your head
Apathy is stealing your breath
Now it´s time to welcome your death

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Wicked as the time goes by
But something's left for me to try
Nothing but bad behaviour
Here I am – and I'm my saviour
Picking up my coming thoughts
Falling downwards through the droughts
Welcome to my latest nightmare
Here I am – and you are nowhere

So there you go
Come on keep dying
But shut your mouth
And stop your crying

Moaning, sitting and not sleeping
What a pity – she is weeping
So far I'm counting days and nights
Here I am – and you´re not in sight
Buried is another day
No more lies no need to pray
You're the biggest story faker
Here I am – I'm your life-taker

Bury her alone and deep
Bury her alone

Bury her deep

A player for 100 times - A prayer of 100 lies

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Black Terra (Killer Escort Service)

I'm creating your fears
Deciding your fate
Hide and flee impossible
All I feel is hate
Trying one stab more
Your body collapse
All over the planet
I'm spinning my web

Tragedy ending
Killing for the thrill
Uncontrolled violence
Black Terra

Putting you under pressure
That's giving me strength
Business as usual
Never had any friends
Blood runs out of
Wounds wide open
Nothing but food for the rats
You sucker

Inhaling scorn
Exhaling action
So won't you come along
And join this satisfaction
Getting closer
Don't turn away
Teach you a lesson
This will make my day
... make my day

Hits you like a punch in the teeth
Strikes you down fulfilled by disease
Smashing your legs
Sucking you out
Tastes so good when cutting your throat

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