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01 Cut Me Into Pieces Til I Fit Your Point Of View

Cut Me Into Pieces Til I Fit Your Point Of View

What's the matter with those people
Can you find the missing link
Is it possible to answer
Oh – I hate a happy end

My friends tell me not to bother
But I cannot close my heart
It's not my part being careless
Oh – I wouldn´t close that door

Go ahead
Release your fears
Truth like hate is fed by tears
Whoever took your world apart
Cannot live without a heart

Can't wake up, this dream's a nightmare
Too much´s left to suffer from
No more be-strongs no more don't-minds
Oh – it's life that makes me die

Here's the moment as I told you
Full of broken promises
Doesn't matter what you explain
Oh - won't listen to what you tell

Love your enemies kill your idols
What the hell is wrong with you?
Being good means to be stupid
Oh – can't take this anymore

Rage and anger in the future
Lead me to an open sore
No more lies take part in my life

Oh – and nothing's left to say