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04 Wake Up Dead

Wake Up Dead

What about this cold earth around you
Covers your face your body your soul
What ever there was there's nothing left to do
Darkness is keeping you down in this hole
Suddenly your skin becomes wet
Freaky shivers run down your neck

Nothing to see (can't see you)
Nothing to hear (can't hear you)
Nothing to feel (can't feel)

Wake up dead
Wake up dead

Latest thing that you can remember
Runs through your mind your bones and your veins
Now fading away [...]
The reaper is coming to put you in chains
Reality is turning it's back
Memories are covered in black

"Meet and greet" in purgatory
Made of doubts of thoughts of regret
A highway to hell – or a blaze of glory
Fighting the fight of your life in your head
Apathy is stealing your breath
Now it´s time to welcome your death