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05 Wicked


Wicked as the time goes by
But something's left for me to try
Nothing but bad behaviour
Here I am – and I'm my saviour
Picking up my coming thoughts
Falling downwards through the droughts
Welcome to my latest nightmare
Here I am – and you are nowhere

So there you go
Come on keep dying
But shut your mouth
And stop your crying

Moaning, sitting and not sleeping
What a pity – she is weeping
So far I'm counting days and nights
Here I am – and you´re not in sight
Buried is another day
No more lies no need to pray
You're the biggest story faker
Here I am – I'm your life-taker

Bury her alone and deep
Bury her alone

Bury her deep

A player for 100 times - A prayer of 100 lies