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Nickname: Mad, Sheriff, Joni, Jon.

Cripperish instrument: 6-string accordion

Outdoors? Playing in the sand box, baking sand-cakes, swing, slip, ropeway riding.

Indoors? Sweeping up sand.

You are entering the rehearsal room and... get myself a cold beer to warm up my fingers.

In which band would you like to help out and why? For Cripper on the next Cruise...?

What are you expecting from yourself? Take it easy.

What are you expecting from others? Don't panic.

What embarasses you? My penis is too large...

What does other people embarrass about you? I'm incredible bad in drinking whiskey.

What rocks? Nice weather, nice food, good sleep, time for hanging around and watching movies, extra-cheese. beer in the hot tub, cocktails with lil' umbrellas, waterproof tents, my new computer.

What doesn't rock? Lousy weather, lousy food, bad mood, additional electricity payments, child benefit agencies, fake-3D-movies in cinema, high kitchen cabinets, too much whiskey.

Your mood often changes (from... to): On-stage/off-stage.

What indicates you're drunk? That's easy.

What are you able to do that no one else is? Frodo Lindenberg.

What is everyone else able to do except yourself? Buy fitting clothes, navigating through flight-portal webpages, laughing about Mario Barth (famous German comedian).

No one believes me, but it's true: I was born in an old castle-commune among 150 crazy hippies.

I always wanted to say that: "Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you."