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Nickname: Knitzel

Cripperish Instrument: Non-identifiable guitar playing, backing vocals

Outdoors? Whorled, jolly, playing and having fun in the sun. Wohoo.

Indoors? Lots of work - then fall asleep. Relaxation and comfort whenever possible.

You are entering the rehearsal room and... supposedly I'm late. That's when they make me go to the chalkboard.

In which band would you like to help out and why? Jobbing as light technician for "Die Amigos" (loathly German folk band) - overdoing fluttering flashlights 'til everyone goes crazy.

What are you expecting from yourself? Confidence, endurance, sereneness, effort, ease 'n' peace, ideals, fun

What are you expecting from others? Honesty, humour, willingness, confidence

What embarasses you? The groggy impression I gove and my fixed opinion

What does other people embarrass about you? My bullhead, blank refusal

What rocks? Dozing in a park, having a grill and cold beer or cocktails around. More thrilling: stage, noise, blast!

What doesn't rock? Hysterics, sitcoms on TV, stultification and unfunny at the same time, duties

Your mood often changes (from... to...) From "constructive" to "let go".

What indicates you're drunk? Slowed down mood. - Even slower as usual.

What are you able to do that no one else is? Rarely have to go to toilet.

What is everyone else able to do except yourself? Being unprejudiced or spontaneous Wink

No one believes me, but it's true: All sorts of mushrooms - their flavour is brackish.

I always wanted to say that: "You got red on you."