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Crazy shit! We are part of the Metal Blade family now!

Cripper Live

Cripper is a self-made band. Despite never being signed to a real label, we have released 3 albums, toured Europe a couple times and even made it across the ocean twice.
Being control freaks in every possible way, we were very content with our situation, but still we started to feel like it is time for a change.
We were highly motivated to produce a new demo to see if Metal Blade liked our new stuff. To make a long story short: they did, and so we are here now, ready to walk trough newly opened doors and taking the opportunity to reach more people with our music.
With Metal Blade we keep our self-made attitude regarding our artistic freedom and full control, only now we get the chance to present ourselves on a much larger platform.

Our upcoming album with the title "Hyena" is in the making and we hope to release it worldwide in November!



Happy to be back in Bremen!
6th of June Cripper appears as headlining act on "ROCKHARZ WARMUP". Location is Meisenfrei club.
Hope to see ya there!

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Loud: yes, hearing impaired: no thanks!
The hearing protection of KIND is now taking care of the preservation of both
hearing & sound experience in Cripper's ears. Thanks to the company KIND and the super team in the Karmarschstraße in Hanover!