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A monkey on your... chest. Go check out our new design "Bloodshot Monkey Eye" - available also as hoodie, zipper and longsleeve...

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Ladies & Gentlemen, big news from the Cripper headquarter!

Our drummer Dennis will fulfil his lifelong dream and go on a bicycle ride for one whole year. His tour will take him all around and across Europe, and we are wishing him a hell lot of fun and strong thigh muscles!

At the same time we wanna give a hi-five and warm welcome to our interim bandmember Max, who will beat the shit out of his drumkit for Cripper while Dennis is absent. He is a longterm friend of us and an amazing drummer. Some of you might already know him from his bands Scarnival and Tredstone.

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We are very happy and grateful to have him on board and are looking forward to sharing stages and rehearsals with him from June 2015 until June 2016.


We're gonna order new merchandise. For those who would like a hooded sweater, zipper, longsleeve or just a shirt please place your order now and pay via paypal until Wednesday, April 15th.
Strictly pre-order and pre-payment! After this date, there will be just shirts available. Shipping will be first week of May.
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