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11 Pure

11 Pure

Take it out on me
I leave it up to you

The more I intervene
The more gets lost on the way
I can see myself in you can you see yourself?
Yeah, do what you can
And you will stay who you are
You unleashed a monster
Now it's coming back for you

It's given to you, life
Tomorrow will never be yesterday
Chasing the highs
Still we are alone

Make a decision
Make it quick
Cause this shit is gonna burn
That's why we watch the shit
That's why we feel the shit
That's why we want the shit
How we want the shit

Distraction and bullshit... are no longer tolerated
Disconnect me from my words but not from what i'm saying
Let others take the risk - I'd like to sit back and watch if that's ok

Straight ahead
Straight ahead
Do you want to walk through life with me, or are you just enjoying my company?

Your whole life consists of avoiding mistakes
I am a fish on the carpet
I wanna see the fish on the carpet
I won't hold on to your hand and drown

I want something
I want something
I want something pure
I want something
I want something
I want something pure

Can't we name the things as they are?
Respect ourselves for who we are?
Bleed with the hurt
Lie in the dirt
No one could ever take that away

10 Patronized


A new chapter of my selfishness
Another lie on the top of my list
I see you, but won't satisfy your needs
Every bit I will provide is only serving me
And you say
„Oh, my darling, is this all you have to give?
Or is there anything I don't understand?“

Give me something else that's broken
Something i can repair
Give me something else that's broken
I need a pain for the nature of my cure

It's my birthright
Yes, I lay it on the line!
The finger on the button... is mine
Your craving for my sympathy
Turns the seed of remorse
Into a jungle of guilt
And so, since you're the up-and-coming
Light of my life
You take what you're given – and you better be nice

I'm just a man
I am an act of God
I am your mother
I'm a child
You are a feeder
The original sin

I do not
And I never act
Like I am someone else
We... are the epitome of this universes randomness
Can't you see
We are indifferent
Whoever makes people like you, makes people like me

09 The Jackhammer

The Jackhammer

Keep a straight face, stand in line
Applause, applause
We're here
We're fine

Freedom comes in 99 flavors

What we take we waste
What we don't take
We throw away
One, two, three, four immolations
Five, six, seven dinner time

And you may think
There is nothing there
You don't see anything
'Cause you don't look at anything

It could have been the father
It should have been the son
It would have been the mother
If she had a gun, yeahhhh

On with the jackhammer!
Humanity under construction
On with the jackhammer!
Hate... manmade

Let's all go out and hang ourselves
As we become what we see
So bored, cared for and overfed

I'm sure it's for the better
I'm pretty sure it's pretty safe
And if it's not
Then nothing is
So let's leave it alone

First there were none
and then one
Then all of a sudden
there were some

Improving me, improving you
Improving faith, improving the truth

We pretend
We pretend
We cannot pretend
We don't pretend
We pretend
We pretend
We don't pretend
We cannot pretend
We cannot pretend

We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
Oh God we're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy
We're the bleeding enemy<

It's up to you
Or the one you leave it up to
There is no consequence

Blind eye
I try to make you understand
But you're a look without a see
In the illusion of democracy
I raise my voice and disagree


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I [...]

Now that we don’t pay much attention
To what goes up or must come down
We decided not to follow
Apart from that we just don’t care

From a decent crowded journey
Into a private desert land
Up-to-the-minute reviewed autonomy
Proof of independent anonymity

When the highest point of individuality
Culminates in loneliness
We reject our identity
And declare all reflections to be wrong

We, as a team of soloists
Are so unlike that we are desolate
Do we get a kick out of it?
This is just organised limitation

Are we strong enough for our egos?
Is there room to give us space?

I am on my own
Because I sent everybody else away
No one knows how to take me
Without being told

You are on your own
Because you sent everybody else away
No one knows how to take you
Without being told

We can no longer differ from the mainstream
‘Cause we’re insisting on a distinct minority
When finally everybody’s different
Will we be the same again?

With emancipation-labelled foreheads
We proudly present our disintegrity
No box seems shapeless enough
For us to fit in

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Life Is Deadly

Get low, get down
To the roots of trouble
Take this baby by the horns
To the bottom of the bottle

Like marching
These thoughts keep sickening my head
First face it and then break it?
I know better, who knows best?

It was, it is and will be
Life is deadly
My friend, we feel the same
My friend, what we see is true
Never walk alone

One can say your voice is sore
And everybody does in fact
This head tripping
Is throat-twisting

See what the perspectives have to offer
When you change your point of view
Move – turn – look!
You might surprise yourself

What I supposed was wrong
I could not keep myself
All my hopes now look so silly

It‘s me against myself again, so what?
Please, don‘t just leave a note
And the rest to me

Wake up, get up!
Before the moment‘s gone
You‘re lost for now
But not for long

Save the big words for the chorus
They say
I say shit because I like the sound of it

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Kids killing Kids

Faces are changing
While the days remain the same
Another day
Another try
Everything the same
Everything the same
And so you thought
You wouldn‘t have to stand for that
And so you thought
It would be an easy game to play

I feel tired and wasted
Lonely and used, so hard to wake up
Even harder to sleep
But I don‘t mind the cold floor
One left means still one left to lose
I know I will escape this pain one day
But can‘t yet imagine how
But can‘t yet imagine how

Where have I been?
Where am I now?
Now that I‘m lost
Where will I go?

Bite – concrete
Never give me up
Never let me down
Bite – concrete
Can‘t you hear me?
Bite – concrete
Never give me up
Never let me down
Bite – concrete
My way, my path

You can ask me how I feel
I know you won‘t anyway
Look at me, all you can see is mine
This is so hard to declare:
What there was to lose is lost
And left behind
Please deliver me from pain

My friends keep counting me out
I can‘t hear them anymore
Wait and see is wait and bleed
A blooming suffering
Imagine all the things you hate
And bleed with me
Or leave me be
It‘s them or me, you see, you see

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Caged with a gun

20 hours
96 days, 3 years
We were like fire
And burnt in a rush

My eyes are open
And I know that I will die
My eyes are open now
I know one day you will, too

There is no lie
That could protect us now?
Our reality
Is what we believe

And we believe
It‘s way too big
That we‘d grow out of it
(I know)
We can‘t grow out of it
(I know, I know, I fuckin‘ know)

Caged with a gun
Thoughts run like a butterfly
I can‘t see no misery
Take my hand
Are you still there?

Beyond horizon
Only fools can see
Don‘t promise me heaven
For it won‘t save me from hell

Hell, hell, black, black, black, black
Black and white
Turn it right
Put it aside
See the walls
Get pushed around
From side to side
Break the habit
Break the spell
Set the fire
Or go to hell

A little too white
A little too much plastic
Wear the suit until it fits
Oh, am I sarcastic?
Don‘t you worry now
No need to be careful
We can‘t kill
What is already dead

Life is pain
I cannot breathe
When you're around

Without you
I feel safe
I can be me

Life is pain
Without you
I cannot breathe
I feel safe
When you're around
I can be me

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Junkie Shuffle

Divided into episodes
The tortures on a higher dose
Fucked up
A nightmare wrapped in fairytales
A youth went forth to learn what fear was

Ghost-driven collision course
Cheap trick
Hands in holy dialogue
High five
Rate and share the alibies
I can’t see you so you can’t see me

Mirror made of broken glass
Make up
To look familiar more or less
Full stop
Mimic frozen in the move
I hide behind my alter ego

High up on the amplitude
Full speed
Overdosed and paranoid
From venom-rooted family tree
I can’t say why but I don’t like it

I've got a mop and a bucket
And a temple of dirt
Can’t read the “What’s left” slogan
On the back of my shirt

(Who cares anyhow?)

I’m with a fist-fucked-fairy
And a son of a bitch
I brought a fork and a grinder
To get rid of the itch

These thoughts to be told
These words to be heard
This fear to be felt
The silence to break

And dance with the unsuitables
The memories unspeakable
Neck and crop wrecked by remorse
I hope I won't have to remember

Another way to kill the pain
Repeat the lesson as if to explain
Once more
Panic at the roundabout
What goes up, must come down

Forgot the keys to the locker
Where I coffered my head
And so I tend to a landmine
To put on instead

(Who cares anyhow?)

There is this ten-ton-trigger
At the panic-release
How the hell did I get here,
and how can I leave?

I have a broken compass
And self-painted map
I am about to nothing
So I stay where I'm at

I the bed in the chamber
In the house of this town
Like in a foreign culture
I live here on my own

Did you come for the money?
Did you come for the show?
I am a puppet of action
Who cares anyhow?

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More than 4

I shut my mouth
To lend an ear
Then threw a stone
To break the silence

More than 4
Less than 5
Minutes left to fix your alibies
Stronger is only fear

What a surprise
These words coming to life are mine
Can you hear me?
I can‘t hear you

More than there
Has been before
This rollin‘ ball‘s a burnin‘ and it‘s
Way too fast to stop it now

Could it be
That this is not enough for us?
Back for seconds
In a minute

One question
What are you doing for your living?
One question
What are you living for?

Come on, loser, show off!
You‘re always more than you think
Go ahead and get what you want
Before you get you‘re wanting something else

Come on, sleeper, wake up!
You‘re always less than you could be
Go ahead and get what you want
Before you get you‘re wanting even

More than
You can take
Get rid of this attitude
It‘s killing you

What you know
What ever you might have seen
Let yourself go (Go on with that)
Don‘t let it go on that (Where will you go?)

More than
Just for the sake of it
What we have is ours
Hell is other people

What we are
Who we’ll be –
We walk on our own
But we never walk alone

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I am the Pit

Without the pain: no suffering
Without the pain: no strength

There’s no reason to give in
There’s no doubting voice inside left since

I live it – I mean it – I want it

I’ve seen it – I know it – I can take it
I am the pit

You see what I mean

Feel the fire and burn the pain
Learn to fall, stand up again
Take a look through devil‘s eyes
To find out what‘s left inside

Drown the sorrow in your tears
Don‘t stop before it disappears
And when they don‘t believe you would
Find peace where others daren‘t to look

Stay a dreamer, stay alive
You don‘t need to sell your soul just to survive
I know you can though you don‘t dare
You‘ve got a lot, so much to share

Be aware of what you‘ve got
To not miss too much of what you‘ve not got
So hold on and keep your head
No matter what is done or said

I am the pit
We are the  pit
I am the fuckin‘ pit

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Devil Reveals

The triumph of the underdog
Questioning the world
A higher gain of circumstance
Lest we forget

For now the case is clear
For now the fellow rescued
When truth is what we fear
Then fear is nevermore

How could it all have come this far?
And now – how do we cope?
The best, it seems, is to shut up
And let bygones be gone

When all we have is here
There‘s nothing left to witness
So don‘t deny what we‘re
And let‘s just mind our business

Hope is the devil
The devil is mine
Devil reveals

What a
Flesh-devoured skull you are!
One-eyed among the blind!
Now you see, you can‘t forget
You wish, you‘d never known

The more there is to hide
The more there‘s to uncover
So welcome to the other side
This trip here is hell!

Don‘t you see now
that I could have poisoned you?
A hundred times had I been able to live without you.“

Don‘t you see now
that I could have poisoned you a hundred times?
...had I been able to live without you.“

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This seeking is
What is hidden in the back

Outstanding your
And this is what makes me so sick


What ever
Made you think
That I lost this game...
I did not even play!

Repeat then
Delete and
Hope that no one got you wrong

Find phrases where
Silence is
To camouflage this discomfort


Me, unmoved
Me, freak...
Tell me why should I be
the one you‘d like to see?

Fuck me?
Fuck you!
Fuck me, I fuck you, too
Fuck me?
Fuck you!
Fuck me, I fuck you, too

These lines are written down because
Then I can scream 'em out
It does not only ease the pain
It helps to see things clear

My giving
Your taking
Oh, how I know those hopeful eyes

This case has
Two faces
One is right, the other left


What in the world
Makes you think
That I‘ve lost this game?
Who can win this anyway?

My hate is my comfort
My hate is my shell
My justification
To send you to hell

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Methods in Madness


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There is more to life than there‘s to see
It‘s my self-imposed priority
See the core and how it‘s thrilling me
Me and lunacy a unity

Upside down
Inside out
Can‘t you see I‘m ready now
To fall into place

Look what hate & anger have done
Look what hate & anger have done

Strong is the one
To reanimate
All the madness I need to survive

Straight in your face
Ask yourself
Why the hell only I can draw you out

Each time my heart missed a beat
Or where it cracked after deceit
I could complete the incomplete
And beg for chances to repeat

See me now?
See my way?
And now tell me once more that you don‘t know
What I mean

Hear my words and understand
To reunite before we end
Close your eyes, my dearest friend
And welcome all that I‘ve to send

Are you with me?
Are you alike?
0,3 % remaining
Count off!

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